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Your Application. Amplified.

Through the years of working in the field & helping various mobile startups, we've figured out a unique approach that is going to boost your application numbers to the moon speaking about a number of downloads, active users, users retention, in-app purchases, and, of course, investors' & partners' satisfaction.

We've been working hard to develop a system that gives you a straightforward approach to designing & delivering mobile applications to raise funds, compete on the market, improve people's lives and bring value to the marketplace.

The D.D.P System

Communication is the key.


Attracting your user by analyzing the market, your competition & current mobile design trends to forge pixel-perfect User Interface with easy & engaging User Experience.


Through our real-time development board, you can have your finger on the pulse of the project at any time, knowing what exactly is being developed right now and when your idea will be brought to life.


Perfection is what we proud of. We will make sure your product is on point by running A/B testing, implementing ASO services, helping you with user analytics & creating strategies for marketing.


Learn All About the Advantages that Our System Has to Offer

Clear & Straigtforward Development

With our real-time development board, you can ask questions & overview project status without even directly messaging anyone.

Our system is well defined & standardized, we know what exactly you need to do to reach the next step whether it's users' satisfaction or next fundraising round completion.

Market Research, Analytics, Tweaks & Fixes to Perfect Your Product

We are not going to let you work in the wrong direction.
Focus and dedication using the right strategies & leveraging experience is the fast lane to success.
Same applies to mobile applications, starting from market research, reviewing the market's competition & actual trends, ending with analytics implementation & A/B testing to get users' retention numbers on point, we will make sure you are working on something that actually helps people & brings value into the marketplace.

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Raising World Mobile Development Standards

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