About Us

Our History

AMS has a goal of becoming the world’s best mobile development agency, providing end-to-end service to our clients & with a strong network of partners to build the products from scratch to millions of users using the apps on a monthly basis.

The company formed with two native iOS developers in the first place – Stan & Evgeny. We were working in several development agencies on the roles of software engineers and saw all the typical problems they were having – lack of processes, bad communication, too many projects, focus on multiple things at the moment which never allows you to do something right, self-centric approach.

Having all of the above on our minds & personally suffering from lack of processes and clear company mission we’ve decided to start our own mobile development agency. Disclaimer: it was definitely harder than we thought it would be.

Our mission is to provide end-to-end high-quality service to our clients, having both structured & standardized processes and human approach in place, building awesome world-changing products, and taking a lead role in reshaping the current industries & business domains.

Our Culture

AMS perceives the culture of clear & well-architectured and tested development, design & communication processes in place along with a human-based approach to everything we do.

We know, it might sound controversial in the first place – but we’re committed to establishing this kind of workflow both inside our team & outside on our clients’ projects. At the end of the day, you can’t scale if you don’t have clear processes for each part of the operation of the company and without the human approach, people won’t show their maximum & dedicate their thoughts and time to development, management & design when working on the products.

Take care of your co-workers & they’ll take care of your clients – we’re following this paradigm fully, adding control & clear processes into the mix. A ship should have a direction.

AMS is a huge train of success for our clients & team members. We’re growing & make everyone who has any connection to us grow as well – it’s like a Midas hand for business development, personal & professional improvement for each party, and team member involvement.

Meet Our Team

Stan Sakharchuk

Co-Founder & CEO

I’ve seen how typical development agencies operate: too many clients, not enough time, prioritizing their own gains over the client’s results. It is my mission to ensure we at AMS always stick to our values: obsession with our clients’ success, laser focus on a select few businesses and staying at the forefront of mobile development to help our clients beat the market.

Evgeny Mahnach

Co-Founder & CTO

I am a scientist, turned Software Engineer turned Senior IT Consultant. I am the bridge between your business objectives and development strategies. I am strategic and pragmatic to the bone, so I’ll never waste your time or money. I believe meritocracy shall reign so you’ll always get my honest perspective. My intention is to be the last developer you’ll ever need to partner with.

Ilia Stakhno

Chief Project Manager

I’m obsessed with processes. Life is a huge process to going from point A to point B to point C and so on. My job is to make sure we’re following best practices when developing the software solution for your business. Jira, Scrum, Agile, daily standups, grooming & presentation sessions are my best friends. If you don’t yet have a clear development process on your project – we’re coming to you!

Elizabeth Ermakova

UI/UX Designer

Bad UI/UX shall not pass. Following modern guidelines, tying up the UI solutions to your target users’ base, carefully applying best user experience practices is my day-to-day duty. Perfect UI/UX is one of the most important things that can differentiate your app from the tight competition in the marketplace. Ask me how to design RIGHT!

Egor Rusin

Project Manager

Human approach is everything. I’m a huge believer that no complex software product could be developed without a an awesome atmosphere inside the development team & clear and fair relationship between us & our clients. Helping both our clients & members of the development teams to achieve their goals & push themselves to develop perfect products is what I love & enjoy truly.

Julia Kononchuk

Business Analyst

You can always build a software solution. It’s about the right direction & the problem you’re trying to solve with it. My goal is to make sure we’re following the right path in order for the software we build to achieve the desired outcome & bring the most value to your business & customers. Thorough business analysis & project planning is what I do and what I’ll be helping you with!

Pavel Shutkou

iOS Software Developer

My expertise lies within iOS software development. However, I’m interested in many niches connected to software & hardware. I also know backend development through PHP so that makes me a full-stack mobile developer. Was setting up my own servers to host software & hardware products of my own. Versatile software engineer to your service!

Vladislav Shevchenko

Android Software Development

Hey there! My name is Vlad & I’m an Android Software Engineer. I love developing mobile applications for Android platform, both from scratch & using existing codebase. Mobile development attracts me since phones are the devices people use multiple times on a daily basis – one small issue on the app could cause a couple of millions of people to wait & get disappointed! That’s why I do everything I can to not let that happen.

Darya Matyas

HR Manager

I make sure that we sustain a friendly & awesome atmosphere inside the company & different development teams – at the end of the day, people are capable of showing their full potential only when they clearly understand the goals of the work & enjoy it! Internal events, team chats & meetings is what I take care of – and it’s especially important concerning current remote environment!

Alexey Tsymonchik

QA Engineer

What software could be done without proper testing? Let me tell you – bad software. I take care of testing – making sure that the quality of the application is on point, it’s bug-free & ready to push into the marketplace. Believe me, you don’t want your users downloading a new version of your app in temptation only to find out it was not tested & is full of bugs. That’s when you call me to help, that’s where I come in.

Egor Adameika

IT Consultant

I make sure you’re the right fit for us & we’re a right fit for you. A key to our performance is not taking everything we could, but really understanding your business in-depth in order to make a right decision from both ends on whether we should partner up & create tremendous value. That’s what I do & help you with – I have your best interest in my heart & will make sure that if we’re not the right fit I’ll point you in the right direction.

Dmtry Grishkevich

iOS Software Engineer

Constant learning & improvement is what I love – and it follows everything I do in my work & regular life. Best technologies & frameworks to use, best & modern architecture solutions to implement, and this new library that will increase the loading speed by 0.07 seconds. Want to use latest technologies without paying someone who’d be educating on your product? Ask me how.

Nikita Velichko

iOS Software Developer

Reliability & following our commitments is the best thing we can do as human beings. If I tell you that the task will be finished by 13:15 pm on Monday, then it will be finished by this time. What’s the best thing about iOS app development? Structure, processes, clarity of development code & architecture, and pure and clear understanding between me and our team members & clients.

Oleg Dzingala

Android Software Developer

Best thing I love about Android is the wide range of things you could do & build within the platform (it’s not the case on iOS), variation of different devices that are using the system at the moment & Kotlin. I love Kotlin – it’s an awesome modern language that allows me to be twice as fast in comparison to when I was writing code on Java. Let me know what Android app you’d like to build & see it finished in no time!

Taras Tomchuk

iOS Software Developer

Communication, clarity of requirements & understanding of what could be done from a development perspective is key. iOS app development is an art & pixel-perfect apps with hundreds of reviews & thousands of active users are what motivates me to improve in my craft. Have a complex iOS project to build? Nothing is complex when you follow the structure & have best developers on your side.

Mykhailo Melnyk

React Native Developer

Developing a cross-platform mobile solution? You’re in the right hands. With over 6 years of experience working on React Native (I’ve jumped into it almost right after the release of the technology) I know what works best & what doesn’t. React Native app development is a skill that many undermine & get web-like low-quality applications at the end – that’s not the case with me.

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