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Mobile Application Development Process

So, you’ve finally decided to develop a mobile application for your business? Or maybe you are a startup looking for a team of developers to help you with building top-notch high quality product? Or you just got a request from your audience/business partners to build an idea to test out the market?

Great, this article will serve you as a guide on how the mobile application development process works and how to make sure you are going to know at each point of time where’s your app currently and what features needed to be delivered.

Here, at AMS, we have 5 steps developing process we follow for each mobile application we work one, and since this is our speciality it might be valuable for you to get to know our process:

Step 0. Discovery Call

We always start with discovery call.

How can you know that we are a good fit for each other without having a bit of human communication?

Here we will figure out your idea, your market, your goal with the app, why do you want to build it, and then provide you with an offer to work with us if your project suites our process - since, to be straightforward, the secret of success of our current clients is that we are only working with people we can results for - the people who can work with us perfectly.

After the step 0 we have the first step. Technical Specification & Estimation documents creation.

Step 1. Technical Specification & Estimation

We always work with technical specification.

Why? It saves development time & your money. And the hour we put in work is more effective.

If every feature & functionality is outlined from both sides in the first place, clear & straightforward and we only have the document we need to follow - then, nothing can go wrong during the development process.

Look, I’m not saying that you can’t change something during the development process - but it needs to be approved from both sides as well.

Then we prepare an estimation for you - and it’s not like this free estimations you are getting out there from random company who invested 10 minutes into it. With a clear estimation we can provide you with very accurate detailed estimation on how much time each part of functionality would take and why.

We do this because we understand that as a business owner you have to manage the risks properly, and it’s easier to work on the specification document and then provide you with an estimation than give you an estimation from nothing and add hours/project features during the product development without discussing them beforehand.

At the end of the day, business is a sequence of risky yet calculated investments - in time, money, energy, etc. - and we want to meet you here to make an investment with the greatest ROI you can ever get on the market.

Step 2. Design

This one is very important - since the quality of design is in a linear dependency on the amount of users you can get on the application.

So, how can we make sure you are going to get pixel-perfect mobile application with an awesome design?

Simple, we have a process for this.

Mockups of user experience will be created in the step 1 during work on technical specification since it’s pretty hard to agree on anything without visualizing the flow of the application and various use cases.

Then, on the design stage, our in-house designers will work with you communicating closely to find out how do you vision your application, what kind of colors you actually want to see, what kind of interaction elements, etc.

We are providing you with weekly update of the current version of design and you of course have an option to share the feedback from your side. But keep in mind that you are working with the professional mobile designer and most likely he or she will know better how the certain element should look or how to solve this or that UI or UX problem.

Alright, nice work! You already have the full standardized technical specifications for your project & real-world prototype you can use to show the application flow for your potential investors. This is the best time to go find someone who can fund the project if you didn’t do it yet. And we are moving to the next step.

Step 3. Development

Have a top-notch awesome design is great, but the retention rate is more important.

What if people will download your application and it will crash after registration? Do you want something like this for yourself? Yes, we neither.

Slack, Agile, Jira, BitBucket, Fastlane, Continuous Integration, Testing Automation, Q/A Engineer, Swift - all these are words people use to prove you they are professionals and know what they are doing.

But it’s not about the words, it’s about how we communicate with you, how we update you with the latest versions and how we fix bugs.

How our development process differs from everyone else? It’s simple. At each point of time taken you know what we are working on. You can address your concerns, ask questions, view the whole development process and everything is automated. I won’t like to share it here, but if you are curious to get to know our development process special sauce.

Weekly calls with the project manager is a standard, despite the fact you can address any issues any time you are getting this as well.

Well, after we are finished with there goes quality assurance, bug fixing, testing, stress testing.

Step 4. Bug Fixing

Yes, I know what you have on your mind. If your development process is so ideal, why do you have bugs?

Well, bugs are an integral part of any application, if you don’t have them - you are not testing well.

At this stage, our Q/A engineer get everything into his or her hands and start testing the application from the start of user flow to the end of it. Despite the fact he was working closely with you during the development process, now he is starting to take a look on a more general things to make sure the application is stable, meets your expectations and on a decent quality to be able to compete and win in the marketplace.

We stress test the whole system - to make sure it can handle thousands of users once you are going to kick off your marketing.

Once your application is ready, we are on the finish line to launch the product to the market.

Step 5. Release

We push the application to the marketplace, provide ASO service to make sure you’ll get maximum amount of organic traffic during the launch and use some of our other tweaks & tricks to make sure the app is going to attract people without any marketing when releasing it.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment. If you would like me to share our development process in-depth you can send me a message.